COVID-19 represents for everyone a great challenge to which we have tried to respond in the best way and using all the resources we have.

In companies and, in particular, in those where workers started to work exclusively from home, managers have felt the challenge of continuing to ensure that everyone feels safe and adapted to this new situation.

To help managers and workers better understand what is really going on, we are conducting a study in which we will learn how adaptation to this new situation is going and how they are all managing and reconciling their professional life and your personal / family life and what your levels of well-being.

If you think this study may be useful for your company, contact the responsible Maria José Chambel mjchambel@psicologia.ulisboa.pt

It should be noted that with this action, you will be transmitting to employees a positive message of concern and support from the company towards their needs. An even more relevant message at this difficult time for everyone.

Work-Family boundary dynamics
in non-traditional jobs

This project involves very different professions, but they all have one thing in common:
They are professions where the balance between work and family is not easy, and trying to keep this equilibrium is a constant daily challenge.
For example:

peacekeeping militaries
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shift workers
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temporary agency workers
aircraft comercial crew
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humanitaire aid missions
cruise workers
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on-call workers

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The “Work-Family boundary dynamics in non-traditional jobs” is a FCT funded project - PTDC/PSI-GER/32367/2017